Our Amenities

You have enough to worry about in your real life. Here, you just relax and enjoy the hunt. We’ll take care of everything else.


Lodging is included with all full-day hunting packages. The Lodge is the main gathering place with a full kitchen, dining and social area. For your stay, we have two cottages available, each with 6 bedrooms, four bathrooms, a central living room, kitchenette, and a lounge area.


One thing is for sure. You won’t leave the ranch hungry. Our head chef has been at the ranch for nearly 20 years, and serves up three hearty meals a day. Think full-on country-style comfort food: biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, fried chicken and corn for lunch, and steak and potatoes for dinner.

Complimentary Cocktails

Your safety is most important to us, but we want you to have fun too. That’s why after hunting hours, we offer a premium selection of complimentary beer, wine and cocktails for your evening enjoyment. Gather around the fire with friends, have a drink and cheers to the day’s adventures.

An All-Inclusive Experience

Trout Fishing

In between hunting excursions, we offer trout fishing. Our ponds are stocked with rainbow trout, and hunters love to take a break by the water and show off their catch of the day.

Hunting Courses

Our courses are well-manicured, similar to a golf course. Walking paths are marked, visibility is clear, and we offer rigged golf carts for ease of going from spot to spot with your hunting gear.

Trained Dogs

Our dogs are fully trained, and ready for the hunt. Breeds include: German Shorthair, English Setters, English Pointers, and Brittany Spaniels.

Experienced Guides

All of our guides are experienced, fully trained, and focused on your safety. When you are experienced, or new to hunting, our guides are here to help.

Shotguns & Ammunition

Shotguns and ammunition are provided for each person. Amounts will vary depending on your selected hunting package.