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On a typical full day hunt, your day begins with a hearty breakfast served in the Red Rock Lodge.

Then, if you wish, it’s off to the trap range to sharpen your skills before heading out to the field.

At 9:30 the excitement begins as you, your partner, guide and dogs go to your assigned hunting area for the morning hunt.

At noon you’ll return to the Lodge for a delicious lunch overlooking the scenic Arkansas River.

At 2:30 it’s time for the afternoon hunt. This afternoon you’ll experience a different hunting course and more exciting upland bird hunting action.

At 5:00 pm it’s time to return to the Lodge while your birds are dressed and quick frozen for you to enjoy at home.

You’ll know dinner is served when the aroma of fine cooking fills the Red Rock Lodge, summoning you to the table.

Feast on full course meals of roasted quail and steaks equal to the finest restaurant anywhere.

End your day relaxing and reliving your hunting adventures in front of the massive stone fireplace.

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